The Fileserver

Dear All,
please don't TL;DR this, this is about helping future generations 😉

Our so-called Fileserver has been in operation for 12 years and has been ailing for some time now, with features refusing to work in a modern software environment, and also becoming a rather significant security risk. While it has helped foster an awesome spirit of mutual support, we had to migrate it to a Polybox, which will hopefully only be a temporary solution: the student innovation platform may be able to come up with a long-term solution for multiple Fachvereine at once. We'd be very happy indeed if you would contribute; just contact the webmistress or master.

In order to eventually be able to migrate to a better solution, we rely on you to keep the structure currently in place. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM IT, because cleaning up manually will cost us hours of work. The structure may be ill-fitting, but that only means that we need structural change…

  1. First directory level: first three digits of the lecture number, including a probable department association.
  2. Second directory level: entire lecture number, including its most current title. Apparently, the numbers are more stable than the lecture titles.
  3. Third directory level: type of file
    • papers
    • exams
    • summaries
    • QnA (question & answer format)
    • other
    • 2006-and-olden (sorta obsolete archive, came into being around 2012, I think?)
  4. Filename: ideally prefixed with the semester the file was written, e.g. FS 18 (Frühlingssemster 2018). FS ≠ fall semester.


The passwords we've been using since 2008 have stayed the same, but because we're using Polybox, there are separate links for each Fachverein.


Sadly, giving full access does not work, because people have managed to inadvertently delete folders. That's why you can only upload into this folder. Please annotate the files you upload with their respective lecture number and semester; we'll sort them manually for you.
Thanks for reading. 😊